Shenandoah Valley Chess Club

Shenandoah Valley Chess Club

Shenandoah Valley Chess Club Partners with Handley Regional Library

In March 2014, the Shenandoah Valley Chess Club partnered with the beautiful and historic Handley Regional Library to create a cooperative community chess program.  We are very grateful to the Library Director, John Huddy, Youth Service Librarian, Jennifer Sutton, and library staff for supporting this community endeavor.



 Shenandoah Valley Chess Club meets twice a month at Handley Library downstairs in the Benham Room from 4:30 to 7:30pm.  At 6:00pm, Club Director and resident Chess Expert David Hubbard will give presentations on the Elements of Chess Strategy and Mastery.  Topics include "The Language of Chess: An Introduction to Terminology", "How to Think Ahead Two Moves and Beyond", and "Basic Principles of Winning Chess", to name a few.



All Events are FREE and Open to the Public.  The Chess Club is open to all ages and skill levels.  No registration is required at this time.  


Shenandoah Valley Chess Club is an affiliate of Win City Chess, Inc., a local non-profit organization in current development which aim to promote education, learning, and growth of the youth in North Virginia region through the immortal game of Chess.  SVCC is also affiliated with the United States Chess Federation, whose mission is to extend the role of Chess in American society through the study and knowledge of the game as an art, enjoyment, and means for the social improvement.


Win City Chess, Inc. and the Shenandoah Valley Chess Club look forward to developing partnerships with the local and national academic community, civic organizations, and local city and business leaders to help introduce this vital game to a new generation of kids.  Numerous academic studies extol the benefits of Chess as teaching tool for critical thinking skills and work ethic.  In terms of possibilities and decision-making, Chess challenges young minds to learn and explore in a manner that video games only begin to.


Approximately 600 million people play the game of Chess worldwide, and the game is experiencing a resurregence in popularity.  Chess programs and clubs are forming in schools, churches, and youth halls around the country, thanks in part to a nationwide push for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M) programs.  The resurrgence of Chess is also thanks to a growing awareness in the need for greater community interaction within an increasingly digital age.  


Lastly, there has never been a more perfect time in the history to learn, grow, and explore the royal game of Chess.  There is an enormous wealth of Chess education resources available online for free.  But nothing tops the feeling of playing a live opponent over the board.


Shenandoah Valley Chess Club looks forward to welcoming and playing with you!


For more information for meeting dates & times, and to learn how you can contribute in this effort, please contact David Hubbard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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